It’s 3am, I must be lonely

It is 3a.m.

Not a time I usually make a habit of seeing. I am tired and my eyes are drooping like a fat, labrador hanging is head over the side of the porch, but there is a good reason. At the Sheldon farm, the home of our senior posters Tim and Janet Sheldon, internet, and high-speed internet particularly, is a valued commodity that is hard to attain. Because the internet is through a satellite dish, and has a limited amount of download power, we are unable to download a large amount of files because, if we do, we will be put on the “Fairness Doctrine”. And yes, it sounds like a government program to eliminate the faster, better companies to give a chance for “everyone” (see: Slackers), and it basically functions in the same way. If you download too much material over a period of time, then your internet will automatically kick into super slow-mo mode, and you will then be left with nothing more than a boggy marsh for what is so often referred to as the World Wide Web (by “World” they didn’t mean Moatsville, WV). However, there is a loophole! And because of this loophole, I now find myself growing increasingly awake with every word that the ticker counts as I sit at my computer and feed you, the reader, this information (we are at 225 words, by the way). 

The loophole is that between 2a.m. and 7a.m, there is no limit on the amount of megabytes you can download or upload. And because I love posting videos and also have a website to run, this is something that is quite important. So, here I am. 

This past week, my sister Lauren, her boyfriend Craig, and I created a fiiiine-looking music video to Josh Ritter’s “Mind’s Eye” and I had to post it online for the world to see. Head over to Shelblog’s Vimeo Page to view it and make sure to post a comment. 

Now, I must go back to bed… so… tired…


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