Video: Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Sign

What should you do when you receive an e-mail offering $250 roundtrip fares to Costa Rica? GO, of course!  It took only two quick calls to my favorite daughter and favorite daughter-in-law before the dates were set and we were soon on our way to the “Rich Coast”.

Costa Rica is a gorgeous country and we enjoyed exploring the countryside in our Suzuki Jimny, though next time we’ll rent an SUV with shock absorbers!  Poor Alexis in the backseat took the brunt of the unpaved and rocky roads but ahhhh….the views!

In our eight days of vacation, we went to a butterfly farm and a bird zoo. We visited a coffee plantation and saw where the coffee beans for Tim’s beloved Starbucks come from.  We hiked to an inactive volcano with a lagoon and hiked and stayed at the base of an active volcano where red lava flowed!  We hiked through the treetops of the Monteverde cloud forest on suspended bridges and Lauren and Alexis flew through the forest on zip lines.  We explored deep below the surface in the wet caves of Venado Caverns which we shared with bats, lots of bats… including vampire bats!  With our flashlights we saw scorpions, blind fish, crickets, coral fossils, stalactites and stalagmites. We crawled through cracks and crevices and learned what complete, total darkness looks and feels like.  It was truly awesome.  We saw monkeys, sloths, lizards of many shapes and sizes, snakes, hermit crabs, an anteater and leaf cutter ants at work. There were birds of every description including eight species of hummingbirds but, despite our best efforts and constant searching, we did not spy Costa Rica’s national bird, the famous but very illusive Resplendent Quetzel.  Alexis practiced her Spanish and I practiced my communication by hand motions when I had to take a completely flat tire to be repaired.  We learned what it is like to navigate in a country with NO road signs (rent the GPS!)  Besides the local rice, beans and vegetables, I ate homemade spaetzel with pork at a German bakery – who knew so many Germans had come to live here!  We lazed by the meandering pool at the gorgeous Los Suenos Marriott soaking up the sun, reading books and occasionally jumping in the water.  We finished our days with a beautiful hike along the ocean at the Manuel Antonio National Park and a fabulous dinner on the terrace back at the Marriott where we reminisced about the past eight days and planned a future escape.

We loved our time in Costa Rica.  Everyone was very happy to have us there as their tourist based economy is really suffering right now.  So, if you should receive an e-mail offering $250 fares, grab two of your favorite people and go…’s a small sampling of what Costa Rica offers to the music “Costa Rica” by Eric Hansen:

2 thoughts on “Video: Costa Rica!

  1. Sabor!! Las Chicas fueron y son muy bonitas!

    El autor, sus palabras son musica a mis orejas y sus picturas son musica a mis ojos!

    Muchas gracias para su letra y pelicula al mundo!


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