Triathlon Training

Today is July 22. Also known as Kerrin’s Official Triathlon Training Day. For my entire life, or at least the past two weeks, I have been training for an event that will change the course of this coming Saturday. I will be partaking in the J. Cecil Jarvis Memorial Triathlon just outside of Bridgeport, WV. It will be a test of will and rock-hard quadriceps. A battle of strategy and glutes that could ricochet a bullet. A competition of heart and determination versus enjoyment and apathy. It will be difficult. And I will win.

Update: I just read on the official race website the man who won last year has participated in the Hawaii Ironman multiple times and was even a 2nd place finisher in the National Triathlon. On Friday, he is holding a clinic/Q&A session on how he is going to kick all of our butts on Saturday.

So, maybe I won’t win, but I will try. I biked five hours last saturday and can hurl through the twelve miles that is required in a matter of minutes. I can sprint up 40% grades like it’s flat ground. I can swim… oh wait, no I can’t. In fact, I haven’t swam for nearly two years. Or, 730 days. So, I decided it was time to start training! Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, it is July 22, and the race is on July 25.

Today, July 22, I completed the whole triathlon. I biked 12 miles, and then ran 3.1. I felt good. Then, with nowhere else to turn, I headed to the pond to finish what I started:

Me In Pond

Unfortunately, within two minutes of swimming around in circles, my arms were burning and my legs began to sink lower and lower into the murky depths as their stamina faded. My goggles filled up with water (which was a bit of a blessing after seeing the creatures that lurked down below) and I swallowed more pond water than could possibly be healthy. I quickly swam back to safety.

The swim is only 600 yards, which the top racers from last year completed somewhere between 10-12 minutes. I am hoping for 30. I have always said that the race is won and lost on the bike, and I stand by that statement. Unfortunately, it is hard to win the race via biking skills, when you have drowned during the swimming stage.

I should have started to swim a bit sooner. Good luck, Sheldon.

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