Poll: Triathlon Saturday

Who do you think will pull out the victory at this weekend’s triathlon?

For more information on the choices, click on their names here: Hans Otten, Roy Beaumont, Kerrin Sheldon, Vinnie Monseau


4 thoughts on “Poll: Triathlon Saturday

  1. With apologies to Roy, Kerrin and Vinnie – I’ve got a lot of faith in my Uncle Hans. I realize, of course, that Vinnie won this thing by several minutes last year, but I think he’s ripe for an upset.

    And Hansy’s going to give it to him.

    To be fair, I did have to think twice when I saw that Roy had 158 LinkedIn connections.. and I can’t say I remembered that Kerrin was a visual state presentation winner..

    But, in the end, it’s Hans who will reign victorious.

  2. Well, would I be shirking my wifely obligation if I didn’t pick Roy? We are newlyweds after all and still navigating the ins and outs of marriage. I thought Father Dan said something specifically in the vows about “support Roy in all triathlons”. I will say Roy comes out of the water first….in his wave anyhow. :)

    Let’s put a prize in here for all the hard work:

    3rd place: pink dum dum pop
    2nd place: blue dum dum pop
    1st place: the rest of the bag (doesn’t count what we eat during the race so the faster you are the bigger the “dum dum pop winning pot”)

    Good luck!

  3. Conspiracy Alert:
    I’ve already filed a note a protest with the Triathlon Commissioner. In the letter, I claimed receiving a suspiciously heavy work load from my boss over the past 2 months … the exact timing that I was supposed to work on a rigorous TRI training regiment to best any Sheldons. Coincidence? I think not.

    Now I’ve reset my target to topping Alysson Wolf for next-to-last place.

  4. Conspiracy Alert #2:

    Voter Fraud?

    I have filed an Official Protest with the Triathlon Commissioner:

    As of 11:05pm on Friday evening the voting results were as such:
    Hans Otten 13
    Roy Beaumont 8
    Kerrin Sheldon 7
    Vinnie Monseau 1

    As of 7:55am on Saturday morning the voting results were as such:
    Hans Otten 14
    Roy Beaumont 21
    Kerrin Sheldon 7
    Vinnie Monseau 1

    Roy Beaumont’s vote tally almost tripled in a matter of hours…

    Late night Roy?

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