1600 Miles Solo

When traveling long distances by car it is imperative that you have good music to make the trip enjoyable or at the very least bearable.  Due to lack of timing/planning I only downloaded 1 song before I left Western Missouri for Central North Carolina. Major oversight on my part, but thank goodness it was a good one. Because I took this ridiculously long trip solo I was able to listen to the following song (sans video) about 40 times without annoying anyone except for passengers in passing vehicles watching me belt out the lyrics – which at times I got right and other times not so much. Because you, fellow readers, cannot spend these precious moments with me I want to give you a small glimpse into how I pass my time. Enjoy. Please feel free to sing along in or out of tune! I also recommend that you download this song from iTunes, upload it to your iPod, attach the iPod to iTrip, tune to fuzzy FM station and sing it repeatedly while traveling in the car.

Warning: Video contains women shaking it to the beat!

I want to thank Dr. Clark at Wilhite and Frees Equine Hospital in Peculiar, Missouri for calling my attention to this song :)


2 thoughts on “1600 Miles Solo

  1. Hope you downloaded some new songs for your return trip to school. Have a good trip and we hope to see you at Thanksgiving.

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