New City, New Life

This time last year I was moving into my brand new apartment in Xuzhou, China. It was an old, somewhat murky, piece of junk. However, it was quite large. Too large. It had six different rooms and a kitchen that you could dust in the morning and by the evening it would look like you never touched it (so I never did. Ever.).

Now I am back in the United States and starting a different kind of adventure: graduate school. I am attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and I also have a new apartment not far from the campus. It is an efficiency apartment, with only one large room and a kitchen that is literally 3 1/2 feet from my bed. I usually just bounce out of bed and right to the stove where I have eggs and bacon already frying and smelling delicious. Then I can just reach a few feet over to my right and turn on some tunes, while opening the fridge and pulling out some milk. I can wash dishes while I do homework on my desk. I can lay in bed at night and have the freedom to put some toast down if I find that I am hungry. The point is, my apartment is pretty small. But, the best part is, I love it. It is the perfect size. Anything bigger I wouldn’t be able to keep clean. And if you want proof of this, go back to May 2009 and look at my kitchen in China. Wow.

There is only one problem with my room. It is just a minor problem really: I have no bathroom. The average reader may think that this is actually a large problem, and sometimes, I must say, it is quite a problem. For instance, when I have to go to the bathroom. Or take a shower. Or brush my teeth. Or read the newspaper. Or anything that is usually done within the vicinity of a toilet.

But it’s not all bad. I actually do have my own bathroom. It is just outside in the hall and around the corner. It is also always locked, so when I go to the bathroom I must always remember to bring my keys, otherwise I won’t be able to get in. I finally figured out what key opens the bathroom door the other day, after some suspect cheesy chicken dish from TGIF’s went through me a little too quickly, and I panicked as I was trying to break down the bathroom door with little luck (I won’t tell you the end to this story here).

But now I am in Pittsburgh and just finished my first week of classes. This weekend I will try to get out and about and take some pictures of Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh to post next week. Until then, here is some beautiful shots of my apartment (it’s not really messy, it just looks like that way).

3 thoughts on “New City, New Life

  1. Sorry about the bath down the hall……

    But you do have a Barnes & Noble and a Starbucks right down the street….you’re welcome!

  2. I know you’ve lived in Pittsburgh before, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I spent quite a bit of time there for business and just loved it there. The pierogis are way too tempting and so were the wings at Fatheads.

    After spending the day cleaning my condo, I think your apartment sounds perfect (of course, with the exception of the ‘facility’ arrangement).

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