NAVLE Review

NAVLE = North American Veterinary Licensing Exam

What every 4th year veterinary student across the United States dreads taking and absolutely despises studying for. I mean how bad can it be? Its only a one day comprehensive exam over everything and anything I’ve learned veterinary related over the past decade or so of my life. Easy, right? 

Sure. Well the countdown has begun. D-Day for me is sometime in early December, so if you dont hear from me before then, dont be surprised. I have already said goodbye to my Facebook page, Im working on disconnecting my TV, and I might even cancel the gym membership (dont worry there is always the great outdoors to run). So as a send off I want to leave you all with an example question which is lovingly sent to my email everyday by Mr. Zuku NAVLE mentor extraordinaire. Enjoy! Let me know if you get it right :)

NAVLE Question of the Day:

Fusobacterium necrophorum is the etiologic agent behind which three diseases?

A – Meliodosis, calf diptheria, atrophic rhinitis
B – Calf diphtheria, necrotic rhinitis, quittor
C – Necrotic stomatitis, foot rot, atrophic rhinitis
D – Foot rot, contagious pleuropneumonia, enzootic nasal granuloma
E – Glasser’s disease, meliodosis, quittor

I love veterinary medicine!

5 thoughts on “NAVLE Review

  1. Please, sissy – Challenge me. The answer is obviously D, because everyone know athlete’s foot rot and enzootic nasally granny directly derives from the fussy bacteria and necrophilia…

    Today, in my homework, I had to differentiate an adjective from an adverb – DEAL WITH THAT!

  2. Good heavens – I’ve always said that I’m glad there are people out there who are willing to (and can) learn this stuff. I had seen your Facebook comment earlier and now I totally understand why you’re signing off from the world. Happy studying!

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