Craig (loves football), Jenna (a true WV fan), Susan (WV fan wannabe), and myself (didnt want to study) braved the sea of orange to attend the WVU vs Auburn University football game on September 19th. We arrived early on a partly cloudy afternoon, scalped some nose-bleed tickets from an older kindhearted gentleman and eagerly entered the stadium to find our seats. As we trooped up the ramps which seemed to go on forever, all of the sudden the temperature drastically dropped, the skies darkened, and down came the rain!! And there we stood, crammed together like sardines under the ramp for an hour and half while the stormed ranged and the lighting struck! An impressive show, but definitely not what we had in mind. Eventually the rains slowed down to a drizzle and the lightning subsided and the game began – about 2 hours post original kickoff time.

WVU had an impressive start scoring two touchdowns in the first 5 minutes of the game leaving Auburn in a 14-0 opening stunner…. and then it went downhill from there. What started out as a fantastic trampling of the 86,000 strong orange clad fans, ended in a disappointing loss for the 1,500 of us decked out in blue and yellow. With too many interceptions and fumbles in the second half that overshadowed the impressive play of the first, Auburn pulls ahead in the 4th quarter and wins 41 to 30 to the roar of orange clad fans.

Back to the books…………………


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