Going to the chapel….

 …………and we’re gonna get married!!! I know most faithful readers of the Shelblog are already aware of this exciting news, but I just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t put it on the internet for all to see!! Craig and I are getting married!! He proposed two weeks ago with ice cream, a romantic setting, and a father’s permission (what more could a girl ask for?) and we have set the date for May 22, 2010! More exclamation points!!!! We expect and hope to see you all there. Until it is official, Craig has been given a temporary guest status so he can post on Shelblog with the rest of the Sheldons. Lets see if he can keep up with the Joneses (AKA: the Sheldons)   :)

A few pictures

Classic Pose

The ring - sorry about the poor quality


13 thoughts on “Going to the chapel….

  1. Congratulations! We are so happy for you and are really looking forward to the wedding.

    p.s. for a preview of your wedding, go to our blog soon. I know that sounds wierd, but it is (wierd).

  2. Wait.. is that the same guy you’ve been dating or someone new? Who was the guy at Nolan and Lex’s wedding last year?

  3. Going to the Chapel? There isn’t a Chapel on the farm anymore, it fell to the ground two years ago…

    Plan B?

    Going to the backyard….and we’re gonna get married!

  4. It’s so awful being the center of attention on Shelblog. Just awful. Someone else should post something because this is really getting to be quite embarrassing.

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