Say Cheese!

Craig and I decided that because we have a lot of big events coming up in our lives over the next few months we needed a new, awesomely sick camera to capture it all. So behold our Nikon D3000!  Props to Craig’s hard work scouring EBay for the best price and free shipping! A sampling of the pictures taken in the first few days are below – now we’ll get great pictures, especially once we figure out what Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, and Sepia means  :)


Movie: Sichuanese-Tibetan Highway

A new video from Kerrin Sheldon! It is has already been given the Editor’s Choice award by Tripfilms and even prompted an interview of the filmmaker (see: me), so you know it must be awesome!

If you had the mental strength to try and watch this with a clear head, and even question it’s inherent awesomeness for a moment, then you can see for yourself if it really is as awesome as everyone says by watching it below. Unfortunately, no one has that sort of mental strength and must automatically acquiesce to the fact that this video is truly, and unbelievably, awesome. You can confirm this now:

Actually, that wasn’t that good. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.