Happy Birthday Kerrin!

Kerrin was born 25 years ago today! Happy Birthday Kerrin!


June 18th – International Picnic Day

Friday is International Picnic Day.

My first thought upon hearing this was, “Who needs an International Picnic Day?”  My second thought was, “I do!”

Picnics are summer. I dream about them in the midst of winter but come summer, we are always too busy.  Too busy to pack up a meal and take it outside, too busy to stop and see the beauty of the world around us, and too busy to take a leisurely break and catch up with a friend or have a little quiet time alone.  But not tomorrow! In recognition of International Picnic Day, Tim & I are taking a blanket, a meal, and a good bottle of wine to the top of antenna hill and we will toast summer.

Join us in our  celebratation of  International Picnic Day!  Send your picnic day photos and we’ll publish them here.  Celebrate Summer!