I was reminded once again in Prague not to judge a city or country by one visit.  At the end of a vacation in France, Tim and I were scheduled to spend two days in Prague before flying home.  I have been trying to visit Prague for years.  We had been scheduled to go a couple of different times, but something always intervened canceling our plans. So I was very excited to finally make it for a two day visit.

Prague is truly a beautiful city – though its beauty is somewhat dimmed when you visit during an unusually hot and humid spell and you share the streets with hordes of tourists.  After just one day, I hit my tolerance limit – how do cattle walk so closely together so happily?  The next day Tim and I headed out to the Czech countryside in our rental car for a little more space and into towns that wouldn’t attract the crowds.  It was bliss. Upon our return to Prague for dinner that evening, the weather had cooled and the tourists had moved on.  The city sparkled once again.  Here are some photos of the Prague I expected and finally found:
Old Town Square
Old Town Square
The Astronomical Clock
King Charles Overlooking His Bridge
The Jan Hus Memorial in the Old Town Square
Charles Bridge Statues At Night

3 thoughts on “Prague

  1. Well you convinced me to go! Can our next “girls trip” include this city? I am looking forward to seeing photos from the rest of the trip.

  2. Awesome night shot! That is really cool. Am I also included in these “girl” trips? You tried to name me Karen after all – I might as well reap the benefits of being called a girls name for 24 years.

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