The Adventures of Peanut and Charlie

I enjoy cats. They are cute, small, cuddly, and in my opinion they make good pets. On the other hand Craig thinks cleaning a litter pan, having all of your clothes and furniture always covered in hair, and the incessant meowing from a cat when they get hungry, gets old pretty fast. And honestly I have to agree – my last cat I had in vet school drove me crazy (slept on my face for a year straight, while I got very little sleep), but memories of my first perfect cat, Sophie, leaves me nostalgic for a cat/pet I can cuddle and hold on my lap. The dogs, Indy and Luke, are just a tad bit too big for that!

So to maintain a happy marriage every couple must compromise. The result: We introduce Charlie the dwarf lop and Peanut the lionhead dwarf!!

Why rabbits? They are cute, small, don’t make ANY noise, use a litter pan (which doesn’t get stinky), and love attention once they get used to people. Right now these little guys are still a bit nervous around us, but with treats (fresh parsley!) they are warming up fast. Charlie is a bit older than Peanut and from a different litter, but they are already best friends and spend most of their day chasing each other around the living room (videos soon!). Continue to check back to see updated posts on the Adventures of Peanut and Charlie!!


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5 thoughts on “The Adventures of Peanut and Charlie

  1. Okay, I wasn’t too sure about the bunnies as “run around the house” pets but they sure are cute! Welcome Peanut and Charlie!

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