Four Ladies Across The Pond

A Dream Stop on a Dream Trip

It all began with a conversation between my sister Ellen and my counsin Carol Jean, a devoted Anglophile. Ellen was trying to convince her that if she wanted to visit England, all she would need is a plan and so a plan was hatched.  My other sister Heide and I signed on for the trip – hence, Four Ladies Across The Pond.  A budget was determined along with a timeline.  Months rolled by, money was saved, itineraries debated, airline tickets were purchased, a car rented, event tickets were requested and arrived in the mail, our bags were packed and repacked and soon the departure date that was circled in red ink on all of our calendars arrived!  In August we boarded a plane headed for London to take the trip we had initially begun planning well over a year ago.

How did the trip go? You can read all about our adventures at:

We hope our great adventure encourages you to realize that the trip you have been dreaming of can become reality. All it takes is a plan……


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