Piestea Peak

On Friday, Lauren and Alexis had booked facials at the Camelback Spa.  They were out the door at 9am and back by noon completely relaxed and gorgeous!  After their facials they took advantage of all the spa had to offer.  Once they returned and we had all eaten lunch, we packed up in the cars and headed down the road to Piestewa Peak Park for some hiking.  The sun had come out and though the wind was cold – it is in the 40s here – it was a great day for a hike.  The only trail head we found was Summit Peak so off we went up the mountain.  Four of our group made it all the way to the summit and were rewarded with an awesome view.  Here are a few photos of the hike:

At The Trail Head
On The Way Up
The View From The Top


After the Christmas celebrations, the Sheldon/Schluterman clan flew to the Camelback Resort in Phoenix, AZ for some fun family time.  The resort gave us a gorgeous suite of rooms.  This was looking to be a great vacation.

Day One was all you hope for when you fly half way across the country to escape the winter – 65 degrees and sunny.  Thanks to Accuweather, we knew this weather wouldn’t last so we immediately went outside to sit in the sun and swim in our private (!) pool.  Ahhh….fabulous.

Our Pool

On Day Two the younger crew got in a run in the morning before the rain came.  Once the rain began, we headed for the movie theater to see The King’s Speech.  It was a great movie, highly recommended by our entire family.  When we returned, Lauren, Alexis and Janet all went to a cooking demonstration on making guacamole – just to see how they make it in the southwest.  They really enjoyed the free samples served with sangria.  Yum!  The men all went to play some tennis.  Later we had a great dinner at Ritas, one of the resort’s restaurants.

On Day Three we decided while the weather was still cold and a bit rainy to head once again to the movies.  Three movies were seen: Black Swan, given an average rating of 8 by the viewers, The Fighter, given an average score of 8.5 by its viewers, and True Grit, given 5.5 by its one viewer.  All in all a good morning at the movies.  We then split up with one bunch headed back to the resort to play some tennis (the men) or take a nap (Alexis).  The second bunch headed off to Target to buy sweatshirts….brrrr……it’s cold here!……and resupply the kitchen.  As our suite has a great kitchen we have chosen to eat most of our breakfasts and lunches in the room.  Though today after the movie we went to a little French cafe run by a husband and wife from Paris for some quiche, paninis and salads.  Really yummy and of course, we had to bring home some of the freshly made Parisian desserts.  Driving home we experienced a rare occurence in Phoenix – snow!  So much for escaping winter!

Camelback Mountain

We returned to the room to relax, read, and play some fierce games of chess.  We also took a short hike up Mummy Mountain behind the hotel as the sun had come out and we wanted to see the view.  It was quite beautiful.

Mummy Mountain

We went into old Scottsdale today for dinner to Franks and Lupas – an old time Mexican restaurant with delicious food and fabulous margaritas!  Then back to the room for a game of Spades and some games of chess.