Conquering Camelback Mountain

New Years Day 1/1/11: We took on the challenge to climb the most imposing mountain in Phoenix Arizona – CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN! At 10:30am, Kerrin, Craig, and Lauren began an epic 2011 journey up the west side of Camelback – a 1.3 mile climb over boulders, steep inclines, and sheer drop offs. As evident by pictures below, the climb was challenging, but rewarding :) After an hours long climb, we stood on the precipice and took in the glorious view – snow capped mountains to the North and East, farm land to the West, and the sprawling city of Phoenix all around us. The climb down off the mountainside was a bit more nerve racking, with Lauren and Craig using numerous points of contact (hands, feet, butt cheeks, elbows) as they descended the mountain, and Kerrin catching their anxiety on film. The descent took just over an hour, and we found ourselves back at the base of the mountain, tired and hungry, but proud of our accomplishment. What a way to begin the New Year!!


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