NYC 2.0

Last summer I lived in New York City. Now, I live in New York City. This is not a coincidence, but a calculated life choice that I hope progresses my life to areas that I want my life to be. I like to type continuously and totally redundantly all the time whenever I get the chance now and currently. I think I have created a new literary device – redundantly redundant. Anywho, back to what I was talking about redundantly before going off on a tangent about how I am talking redundantly, I am currently living in New York City, which we can call NYC (EN-WHY-SEE) for simplicity’s sake.  NYC is an amazing place filled with amazing things, as the worst travel guide of all time would describe it. If you go down one street, you will see one thing. If you go down a different, you may or may not see the same thing, but you also may see something quite different – like a different person or store. Sometimes, you even see different buildings, depending on how far you go before you look around again. For example, if you see one thing, close your eyes, take four steps and look again, you will probably see something similar. However, if you go underground and get inside a metallic worm and burrow your way through dirt, water, rats, and grime for 30-4o minutes or so and then bust your way out of the worm’s belly and resurface to not fresh air and sunshine but haze and shade, you will probably see something very different than what you saw before. NYC is an amazing place like that. To help you understand what I just said with words through pictures, here are some pictures:


3 thoughts on “NYC 2.0

  1. Wild! Those pictures are all so different. It is like each one was taken on a different continent or in a some type of parallel universe. Wild!


  2. those are some sick pics Kerrin. What kind of camera do you have? I wanna see pictures of all the yummy food choices you can get within one blocks of where you live.

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