Baby Pics

So I am finally getting around to blogging a bit about the pregnancy and the status of the baby! I thought it was good timing since Kyle and Corinne just blogged about getting engaged and I have been pregnant for 7 months. Sooo, everything is going great! Baby is cute at a button (see sonogram pics below, which are from 28 weeks) and all appears to be healthy. She is very active and likes to kick me in the rib cage. However, I am willing to put up with it since she is developing critical movements to make her an amazing soccer player. So far, I have gained 40 pounds and still have about 2 months to go! There is a picture from my trip to Maine to visit Kelly when I was about 29 weeks and another one outside our house when I was about 30 weeks. Things have been going much better the last couple of months. I don’t get sick anymore, I usually can sleep through the night without getting up to eat, and besides my back getting a bit sore, I have a lot more energy now than the first half of my pregnancy. So, as of right now, I have a little more than 7 weeks till my due date. I certainly wouldn’t mind if the baby came maybe a week or so early. Nolan and I have completed a 3 1/2 childbirth class so I am sure we are well prepared for everything that is going to happen ;). I am anxious to meet the little one! And, just a quick update we have not decided on a name and probably won’t until she is born. I will do another blog soon with some pics of the nursery, our house, and the baby shower, which is this Saturday! Enjoy the pictures!

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7 thoughts on “Baby Pics


    I like how you put this post off for weeks and months until just after Kyle posts about his impending marriage… well played, prego, well played.

    Thunder STOLEN!

  2. Kerrin just stole the words straight out of my mouth. But aside from stealing thunder, let’s talk about 40 pounds at 32 weeks….this is so awesome. Not that you had far to move, but sexy Lexi just went even higher up the Rachel Sheldon awesomeness ladder. Although, I can see from the purple shirt picture that you are still a rail everywhere except your belly… good for you!


  3. Thanks everyone! Yes, I am a thunder-stealer. Rachel, if I gain 50 pounds by the time I deliver, how high on your awesomeness ladder will I be? Because I will get there if it means continuing to climb the rungs.

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