We can’t help it!! Not only do Craig and I spend all day working around adorable kittens and puppies, but we really, really, really enjoy our pets. They are so loyal and fun.

Hoarders Episode 1: Craig has always wanted his own herd of cattle, so why not start building that herd now…………………?

A few weeks ago Craig’s dad called and informed him that he had a newborn calf who had lost her momma, AND he needed to send this little calf up to Little Rock for us to care for – aka bottle feed numerous times a day. Craig pretty much jumped in his truck and left for Paris, AR to bring home our first ever cow :) I began dreaming of future steak and potato meals….. after all, isn’t that what beef cows are for?!

Well, it didn’t take long to realize that this new baby calf wasn’t ever going to show up on my dinner plate.  Baby Reba will be our own personal lawn mower instead.

Episode 2: And a few weeks later I got this…..

She was just too darn cute to pass up.

So now we have two dogs, one calf, and one kitten.

That’s probably enough pets…….

Unless I just happen to stumble upon a horse in need of a home. Episode 3?


2 thoughts on “Hoarders.

  1. Craig & Lauren – Do you realize that the cute little calf will not remain a cute little calf?

    Let me provide an example: One day, Kyle was a cute, huggable, cuddly, little boy and now…

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