Henry! Born April 28th, 2014




This post may be a tad late, but for posterity sake – I’M PREGNANT! I have just begun my third trimester (week 28) and I decided a few pictures of the belly progression should be on Shelblog. First photo: 7 weeks pregnant


And then no photos until today at 28 weeks. Oops.


Maybe next pregnancy I will be better at taking more frequent pictures of the belly. But probably not. 

Henry Joseph Schluterman is due April 20th!!

HogEye Half Marathon

After a year of laziness in Oklahoma (no time, too flat, no motivation, etc, etc… the list of excuses goes on and on) we have turned over a new leaf in Arkansas. With our new jobs comes predictable hours, so exercise has once again become an almost daily staple. For me early morning gym workouts before the 7:45am work day begins, for Craig a nice lunch time run through the streets of West Little Rock. So with our new found love of exercise we decided a goal needed to be made and obtained.



After training for 3 1/2 months, Craig and I drove the 3 hours to Fayetteville and waited nervously at the start of the race, a race known for its hills. Unlike the Little Rock Half Marathon, which is relatively a flat course (but unfortunately for us was booked solid by Dec 2011) the Hogeye is known for its hills. We train in Little Rock. Lets just say we didn’t get a chance to run very many hills in our 3 months of training and on race day we were nervous!


*** Our biggest fans, niece Ella and nephew Luke***

And it was Hilly. And Hard. Very Hard.



But we finished!

My goals were to:

1. complete the race without walking

2. finish by 2 hours and 10 minutes

Craig’s goal was to:

1. beat me.

We both accomplished our goals.

Craig crossed the finish line at 1hr 53 minutes!!!

I crossed the finish line at 2 hrs 8.5 minutes!!!


Exhausted but happy!

Thank you to Marie, Lyle, Ella, Luke, Cindy and Kenny for coming out to support Craig and I! And especially for taking pictures :)


Christmas in Arkansas

Craig and I spent a Sunday afternoon decorating for Christmas – the tree was cut down from the neighbor’s yard and the wreath above the fireplace was made with extra tree branches. The kitten has enjoyed attacking the tree lights and banister lights :) Our cozy cabin is even more cozy with the addition of the decorations. Now we are just waiting for snow! Merry Christmas Everyone!


We can’t help it!! Not only do Craig and I spend all day working around adorable kittens and puppies, but we really, really, really enjoy our pets. They are so loyal and fun.

Hoarders Episode 1: Craig has always wanted his own herd of cattle, so why not start building that herd now…………………?

A few weeks ago Craig’s dad called and informed him that he had a newborn calf who had lost her momma, AND he needed to send this little calf up to Little Rock for us to care for – aka bottle feed numerous times a day. Craig pretty much jumped in his truck and left for Paris, AR to bring home our first ever cow :) I began dreaming of future steak and potato meals….. after all, isn’t that what beef cows are for?!

Well, it didn’t take long to realize that this new baby calf wasn’t ever going to show up on my dinner plate.  Baby Reba will be our own personal lawn mower instead.

Episode 2: And a few weeks later I got this…..

She was just too darn cute to pass up.

So now we have two dogs, one calf, and one kitten.

That’s probably enough pets…….

Unless I just happen to stumble upon a horse in need of a home. Episode 3?

Little Rock

We love Little Rock!

A gallery of pictures of our little cabin and four acres on the west side of Little Rock. Ten minutes from Craig’s job in the city, but this little cabin feels like its out in the middle of nowhere. Perfect! Come visit anytime…..

“I think we’re on a roll here in Little Rock…..” (country song by Collin Raye)