Wedding Photos

I wanted to make sure the whole family had this link to our extended wedding photo album!

Password: Sheldon2013



West Virginia Wedding Weekend (and more!)

Let’s get this Shelblog thing going again, shall we? Here are a few photos from Kerrin and Elaine’s wedding weekend. Image

We were greeted by a little bit of snow when we arrived on the farm.




Practice makes perfect, right Emmy?


Emeline is not adorable at all.


Wedding Craig struck early. Photobomb!


Peter’s baptism, conducted by our man Pastor David W. Rohde!


Can you spot the newly-married couple?






As pretty much everyone who reads this blog already knows, Corinne and I are gettin’ hitched! But, as we all know, it’s not really official until its been posted on the Internet. Details are still being sorted, but if we like you, you should probably keep early September open on your calendars! A few photos from this evening below (the dang photos from engagement Saturday are stuck on my camera, because I don’t have the camera cord!).

I’m now accepting tips, hints and tricks on how to dominate marriage. Ready.. go.

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Becoming a Schluterman

As of May 22, 2010 I, Lauren Sheldon, became a Schluterman! Craig and I were married (as you all didnt know!) at the International Mother’s Day Shrine in Grafton, WV with a fabulous reception following at the Sheldon Estate! All of the pictures are not yet in – Ben Mahler! – but I do have over 600 to choose from to post on the Shelblog. And even though I am technically no longer a Sheldon, please continue to allow me to post on the SHELblog along with my new wonderful husband Craig. Enjoy!