Went to Israel for a few weeks. Took some photos. Here is BATCH 1. Also – sign up for HUMANITY.TV. Do it. It will blow your socks off.


Mexico (again!)

Mexico. Was. Awesome.

Here are some of my favorite memories: We ate ALOT of cheese, bread (smothered in Mexico’s amazing herb butter) and drank alot of Americanos. We saw some of the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen in a city. We walked nearly 16 miles in one day. We put Kerrin’s Spanish (and my Spanglish) to use because NO ONE spoke English. We wandered into random festivals and open markets (I’m pretty sure Mexicans just party everyday). We visited every cathedral and museum we walked by. We watched maggots eat a book. We had tea at a place blasting head-banging music (this was not pleasant). We hiked to the top of a pyramid and drank 7-UP to ease my altitude sickness. We decided we were moving to Mexico. We decided against this idea.

Enjoy the photos. I’m excited to be a Sheldon.


I posted ALOT more photos of Mexico City and Puebla on my personal blog.

West Virginia Wedding Weekend (and more!)

Let’s get this Shelblog thing going again, shall we? Here are a few photos from Kerrin and Elaine’s wedding weekend. Image

We were greeted by a little bit of snow when we arrived on the farm.




Practice makes perfect, right Emmy?


Emeline is not adorable at all.


Wedding Craig struck early. Photobomb!


Peter’s baptism, conducted by our man Pastor David W. Rohde!


Can you spot the newly-married couple?





You Betta Belize It!

I went to Belize. I kicked a shark in the face. I rode a horse to an un-excavated Mayan ruin. I drank a few island drinks with inappropriate names. I drank beer called Belikin. I saw an eagle ray (or 3). I dove to 145 feet and thought my lungs would pop (they didn’t. They felt fine). I watched 10 sunsets. I dodged one hurricane. I fell backwards off a boat 4 times (on purpose). I stood upon a sacrificial plate. I ate really friggin good pizza. I stayed in at a place called Coco Beach. I took 3 naps. I breathed underwater for a total of 5 hours. I did 0 push-ups. I ran 0 miles. I ate a lot of Scooby Snacks. I had the best trip of my life.


Apartment FIRE!

My apartment almost caught fire this afternoon. An auto supply shop burned, baby, burned and I live RIGHT next door. If you see the white building to the right of the auto supply store in the pics, then you are looking at my building. As of now, it seems like my apartment made it out unharmed, though I’m interested to see if all my stuff smells like smoke. PICS: