West Virginia: God’s Country

I recently had a conversation with a born and bred Oklahomian about the most beautiful places to live in the United States.

He claimed there is nothing more gorgeous than the flat, dry plains of Oklahoma.

I begged to differ.

I think the pictures below say enough.



After a wonderful/exhausting wedding day, Craig and I boarded planes from Pittsburgh to Atlanta, from Atlanta to LA, LA to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to Phuket, Thailand for our honeymoon! We departed Pittsburgh, PA at 7pm on May 23rd and arrived in Phuket, Thailand on May 25th at noon. After 24 hours of flight time, a 14 hour time difference, an increase in temperature of at least twenty degrees and humidity that could make a pig sweat, we arrived exhausted at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa on the beach of Mai Koh Phuket, Thailand. For the next 11 days we recovered, slept in until 4am most days (crazy jet lag!), splashed in the pool, toured Phuket, Koh Samui, and Bangkok (wearing a red shirt – nice Craig), attempted Thai food, ate fabulous Australian Steak, were pampered by the Marriott employees like we were royalty, trekked on the back of an elephant named Lucky, snorkeled where Leonardo DiCaprio made the horrendous movie “The Beach”, rode the tuk-tuks and sky train, saw way too many wats, toured the Grand Palace in 100 degree heat and humidity, attempted to shop in 7 story malls, took pictures of pictures of the royal family (highly illegal!), turned down endless throngs of locals attempting to sell anything and everything you could think of, and so much more. A Fabulous Honeymoon!