Here are some plants I will try not to kill this year. 

Freshly planted today! 

Please send prayers.

Love Corinne.


Snow in Washington, D.C.

14 inches of snow!

Snow BearImage




Snow Tunnel!Image

Snow fort with Duncan, Gordon, and Emeline!Image



This post may be a tad late, but for posterity sake – I’M PREGNANT! I have just begun my third trimester (week 28) and I decided a few pictures of the belly progression should be on Shelblog. First photo: 7 weeks pregnant


And then no photos until today at 28 weeks. Oops.


Maybe next pregnancy I will be better at taking more frequent pictures of the belly. But probably not. 

Henry Joseph Schluterman is due April 20th!!

Mexico (again!)

Mexico. Was. Awesome.

Here are some of my favorite memories: We ate ALOT of cheese, bread (smothered in Mexico’s amazing herb butter) and drank alot of Americanos. We saw some of the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen in a city. We walked nearly 16 miles in one day. We put Kerrin’s Spanish (and my Spanglish) to use because NO ONE spoke English. We wandered into random festivals and open markets (I’m pretty sure Mexicans just party everyday). We visited every cathedral and museum we walked by. We watched maggots eat a book. We had tea at a place blasting head-banging music (this was not pleasant). We hiked to the top of a pyramid and drank 7-UP to ease my altitude sickness. We decided we were moving to Mexico. We decided against this idea.

Enjoy the photos. I’m excited to be a Sheldon.


I posted ALOT more photos of Mexico City and Puebla on my personal blog.