My Year in Oklahoma

Craig and I recently moved from Stillwater, OK after my year long internship in Equine Internal Medicine at Oklahoma State. Its hard to believe that my internship year is over – it went by so quickly. I learned a ton, but honestly some days I believe I learned more about life, marriage, and the secret to everyday happiness (I need hills and trees and no wind!) than the knowledge I acquired in equine medicine. I met some incredible people that taught me A TON, realized that the open prairie land isn’t for me, and that Canadian geese are slowly taking over the United States based on the 100 or so that lived in my backyard year round. Additionally, air conditioning is my best friend during these 110 degree summers, and I chose the best husband in the entire world.

“OOOOOOOOklahoooooma where the wind comes whistling down the plains….”                                                          ‘aint no joke.

Now you can find Craig and I in Little Rock, Arkansas! Check back for pictures/details on our new life in Arkansas :)