Went to Israel for a few weeks. Took some photos. Here is BATCH 1. Also – sign up for HUMANITY.TV. Do it. It will blow your socks off.



I recently got married to a pretty lil thang named Elaine. I love her so. To celebrate, we took a honeymoon warm-up trip (the real one is in January) to a little place I like to call Mexico. We visited Mexico City and Puebla, both beautiful towns with lots of great architecture, surrounding mountains, color, and vibrancy. We strongly, strongly recommend Puebla, as it is one of our favorite cities ever. Really beautiful.

Check out some photos of the places I just mentioned in the paragraph above:

You Betta Belize It!

I went to Belize. I kicked a shark in the face. I rode a horse to an un-excavated Mayan ruin. I drank a few island drinks with inappropriate names. I drank beer called Belikin. I saw an eagle ray (or 3). I dove to 145 feet and thought my lungs would pop (they didn’t. They felt fine). I watched 10 sunsets. I dodged one hurricane. I fell backwards off a boat 4 times (on purpose). I stood upon a sacrificial plate. I ate really friggin good pizza. I stayed in at a place called Coco Beach. I took 3 naps. I breathed underwater for a total of 5 hours. I did 0 push-ups. I ran 0 miles. I ate a lot of Scooby Snacks. I had the best trip of my life.


Apartment FIRE!

My apartment almost caught fire this afternoon. An auto supply shop burned, baby, burned and I live RIGHT next door. If you see the white building to the right of the auto supply store in the pics, then you are looking at my building. As of now, it seems like my apartment made it out unharmed, though I’m interested to see if all my stuff smells like smoke. PICS:

The Anime Nuts of Sakura

Sakura is the Japanese word for Cherry Blossoms. They are pretty trees and are all over Japan (and Washington DC!). Every year, all Japanese celebrate Cherry Blossom festival by visiting their local Cherry Blossom tree and having picnics and partaking in other cultural events. Here in America, we have adopted this fun-time. In Washington DC, the end of March and beginning of April is a great time to experience the pretty trees surrounding the Tidal Basin and get great shots of the trees there. Unlike last year, Lindsay and I were unable to make it, so instead we went to the Japanese Cherry Blossom festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens here in New York. It was fun! Here’s why:

Apparently, the Cherry Blossom festival in New York City is just another way to show your nerdiness and love for all things Japan, and by all things, I mean anime and manga. Look, I like a good over-stylized, animated feature as much as the next guy, but even what I saw on display at a Brooklyn Cherry Blossom festival (remember, a celebration about trees), was a bit mind-blowing. Here are a few snapshots of a few people who took the Japanese in Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival a bit too far:

Motion Shots

Today I went to Prospect Park. There are a lot of bikers there. I like biking. But I wasn’t on my bike. Instead, I was taking pictures of the bikers. I was practicing a photography technique. I put my camera on a very low shutter speed (1/13th of a second) and then as they went by, I moved my camera with them and then took the picture with a nice, fluid follow through. The result should be that the biker is frozen within the frame (which would never happen at 1/13th of a second shutter speed), while the background is very blurry, indicating speed and motion. Check out the results below: