CVS Rodeo & Follies

This weekend Craig and I took part in the Annual CVS Rodeo & Follies competition! Knowing that I was going to probably make a fool of myself chasing down goats, chickens, and other livestock, Craig came along to take pictures. What Craig did not know, is that being my husband quickly turned him into the top recruit for the male faculty team :) Unfortunately the picture quality is a tad poor, but you can make out Craig riding a steer over the finish line, wrestling a steer to the ground (with his bare hands!), and me chasing chickens, capturing goats for the three leg tie-down and dressing a pygmy goat in a shirt, pants, and tie. Craig’s team got third overall and my team came in fifth (due mainly to me picking up the chicken too early before it reached the designated circle. Ah well. I got excited!) Gotta love Oklahoma :) I’m in a green scrub top and Craig is the only one in shorts wearing a gray t-shirt.

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A Wayward Visitor

On Saturday we had a visitor to our pond that we certainly did not recognize. After searching our Peterson’s Field Guide to Estern Birds, we identified it as a Bufflehead Duck. (It was obviously named by Mr. Peterson’s 3 year old child as what self-respecting ornithologist would name a bird a Bufflehead?) A quick look at its Range Map confirmed this was one bird who was off its migratory path. Soon it flew off heading we assume for Canada, its summer breeding range. If you, like us, do not know what a Bufflehead Duck looks like, here is his photo:

Behold The Bufflehead!

Motion Shots

Today I went to Prospect Park. There are a lot of bikers there. I like biking. But I wasn’t on my bike. Instead, I was taking pictures of the bikers. I was practicing a photography technique. I put my camera on a very low shutter speed (1/13th of a second) and then as they went by, I moved my camera with them and then took the picture with a nice, fluid follow through. The result should be that the biker is frozen within the frame (which would never happen at 1/13th of a second shutter speed), while the background is very blurry, indicating speed and motion. Check out the results below: